Captivating Capiz – Roxas City

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Captivating Capiz – Roxas City, Capiz


Roxas City is well-known as the seafood capital of the Philippines. A small city with a big pride in terms of seafoods. Fresh fish, big crabs and other well-cultured seafoods can be found in this small province. In Roxas City, the abundance of marine life makes Roxas City the “Seafood Capital of the Philippines”. This friendly by nature City in Roxas is included as one of the richest fishing ground on the country. It is a second class city in the province of Capiz, Philippines. The current city mayor of Roxas City is former provincial governor Vicente Bermejo who was elected during the 2007 election.

Night Creatures in Roxas City, are they real?

As most Filipino think, people from the province capiz as ASWANG. The ones who eats human flesh and drinks blood of. This thought will never be changed unless there will be proofs and evidences that are realistic and valid. There was a festival held in the City of Roxas that was named after the most well-known night creature in Capiz called aswang. The event proves that there is no such thing as aswang, tikbalang, mananaggal, tiyanak and other mythical creatures. Roxas City is a place where there are eye Captivating Sites.


Every year the City of Roxas celebrates memorable fiestas. Like the Diwal Festival and The Sinadya sa Halaran. Diwal festival is held to promote the resurgence of the angel wing clam or most commonly known in ilonggo as diwal. Diwal festival is a celebration of good harvest. Live bands, artists and other personalities are requested to join the fiesta. The celebration lasts 2 to three days. The Sinadya sa Halaran is one of the most awaited event to happen in the City of Roxas.

The Sinadya sa Halaran Festival is celebrated every first week of the month of December. There used to be two separate and distinct festivals, the Halaran which means “Offering” and Sinadya which means “Celebration”. Considering the huge costs of holding two festivals in a year, the two festivals were merged, with both the Province of Capiz and the City of Roxas contributing the expenses.

Until now, the Sinadya sa Halaran is celebrated with marching tribes and so called warriors as the dancer of every tribe. Tribes like Alikabok, Kauswagan, Tribu Dos, Moranthoy, Tribu Ubay, etc, these tribes are having their “sadsad” around the City Plaza. There are big drums and snares used as their instruments. The present of concept of every tribe makes the feast more exciting. There are some who wears lapul-lapu fish as their concept, others are siocoy and some are seashells. Grand parade of all the tribes, organizations in Roxas City, Giants, mascots throwing chip snacks, drum and bugle of schools and motorcycle clubs always joins the grand parade. From the Villareal Stadium to the City Plaza, it is like a walkaton for the parade participants. At the last night of the festival, there are fireworks display and river parade. Until now, the City of Roxas has these characteristics and events. No doubt, Roxas City has a beautiful and virgin but hidden surrounding.




About Nano Technology

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Nanotechnology or, for short, nanotech, refers to a field of applied science whose theme is the control of matter on an atomic and molecular scale. Generally nanotechnology deals with structures 100 nanometers or smaller, and involves developing materials or devices within that size.
Nanotechnology is a highly diverse and multidisciplinary field, ranging from novel extensions of conventional device physics, to completely new approaches based upon molecular self-assembly, to developing new materials with dimensions on the nanoscale, even to speculation on whether we can directly control matter on the atomic scale.
There has been much debate on the future implications of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology has the potential to create many new materials and devices with wide-ranging applications, such as in medicine, electronics, and energy production. On the other hand, nanotechnology raises many of the same issues as with any introduction of new technology, including concerns about the toxicity and environmental impact of nanomaterials, and their potential effects on global economics, as well as speculation about various doomsday scenarios. These concerns have lead to a debate among advocacy groups and governments on whether special regulation of nanotechnology is warranted.